Monday, June 29, 2009

We Are Just Babies Man

HELLO everyone out there in computer land. I am new to this process, this whole blogging concept so grow with me. The purpose of this blog is to keep in touch with all of the good people that i meet while promoting Tao Of Happiness. First and foremost i have to thank my friend DJ Underdog for the help out. Second i have to thank all of you who gave me your e-mails and your interest.
I a thinking of updating this blog once every few days( i would love your feedback as to how often) this way i can blog you guys only when there is something to say or be informed about. It seems like most computer people are on the machine all day in a trance like state, and that goes against everything i teach in Tao Of Happiness. Anyway the purpose of today's communique is to establish a link between us all.(please reply if you get this message so i know i sent it out correctly) I also want to establish contact with a few of the good people i met at Malcom x/Meridian hill park, Tryst coffee house, and elsewhere.
speak to you all soon!

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